My First Ever Blog!!!


Hey Y'all! 

So this is my first ever blog post! Kind of scary, but also really exciting! 

This month is the one year mark of me officially making the decision to open my own mobile boutique!!! Time really does fly by when you're having fun! A lot has changed in a year! My daughter has started becoming more and more like me (scary) and we also added to our family when my son was born in January! 

So I get asked ALL the time how I came up with the idea of a fashion truck, mobile boutique, ice cream school bus for adults, whatever you want to call it and here is how the idea came about! I was working full time plus some, trying to take care of a newborn, and trying to spend time with my husband. i had worked in retail since I was 16 and got to the position where I was opening boutiques all over the South for a corporate retail company! I had dreamed of owning my own store for a long time and one day decided it was now or never to actually do it! Now the question was where along the Eastern Shore would I open a store? Fairhope is home to so many awesome boutiques, Daphne is up and coming on Main Street, and Spanish Fort is right off the interstate. I started talking to my crazy, talented artist friend (you know who you are) who lives in a trendy, hip art town about my struggle of where to put my store! She told me about these fashion trucks they have and how cool the idea was to make a mobile boutique. I of course immediately scanned Pinterest to see what she was talking about and low and behold I saw hundreds of these trucks all over the country. I talked it over with my husband and we spent weeks looking for a truck that was the perfect size for me to drive and also the style I wanted! I was going for a street style meets shabby chic girly girl. Whatever that is, but it was in my head and that's what I wanted! We found the truck and bought it from a surfer guy out of Florida, drove it home, wrapped it in the brightest Tiffany blue vinyl I could find and plastered my logo all over it! It was a whirlwind of emotions when the truck was actually all done! I was terrified, excited, overwhelmed, you name it and I felt it. Would people like my idea? Would people actually want the truck to pull up to there homes for them to shop? Would venues want to book me for ladies nights? Would charity events want me to help with fundraisers? I had no idea but I went for it and here we are today.... One year later and I'm still going! (Hands raised in the air)

That's how this store got started! I'm a stay at home mom/truck driver who is obsessed with fashion and I want to bring style to everyone alone the Eastern Shore! 

XOXO Joanna A. 

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