Those lacy bra things! Aka bralettes

Hello fellow truck followers! Today I wanted to write about how to wear bralettes or as most of my customers call them, those lacy bra things! By the way we just restocked them in black, charcoal grey, and nude ($26 each) but they are selling faster than my mobile boutique can drive! 

So what is the purpose of a bralette? You want to wear them as an undergarment that plays peekaboo under your top or dress! They are great ways to mix up a boring old top, hide a strapless bra in an open back, or hide your bra when the holes under the arms hang lower. Many of my customers have found they are a staple item and purchase them in any color I have left! I wear mine almost daily and can't say enough good things about how comfortable they are! 

The bralette is a must have for your wardrobe right now! They are featured with almost every outfit for falls styles. Don't worry, I'm going to attach some pics I found on Pinterest of what they look like on! I wouldn't leave you hanging! 



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